Trinity K. Bonet became Beyoncé on the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season 6.

The episode’s challenge, “Halftime Headliners,” featured the queens doing drag performances of some of the Super Bowl’s biggest entertainers, including Prince, Madonna, Katy Perry, and, of course, Beyoncé.

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Bonet’s performance not only rectified the seasons-long saga of terrible Beyoncé impersonations but also cemented Bonet’s growing status as one of All Stars’ most popular queens.

“Wow…..she understood the assignment,” wrote Bonet in her Instagram post of her performance. “[M]y proudest moment yet! GOD PLEASE LET @beyonce or @mstinalawson SEE THIS!” She also gave congratulations to Jan, whose Lady Gaga performance gave her the ultimate win of the episode.

Several stars, including Drag Race alumni, congratulated Bonet on her embodiment of Queen Bey.

“So so good,” wrote Drag Race star Jackie Cox, with fellow Drag Race alum Monique Heart writing, “YESSSSSSS.”

Bonet’s castmate and friend on her original season, Bianca Del Rio, finally reneged on her disbelief in Bonet’s ability to play Beyoncé by writing, “YESS!!!!!!! BEYONCÉ!!!!” And, Project Runway alum Anthony Elle (formerly Anthony Williams), wrote “Incredible!”

“I think after the last 18 months, we all need and deserve Beyoncé watching TKB in this episode of Drag Race and then sending her one of those cute videos they show in the finale. Someone needs to make that happen,” wrote writer Allison Shoemaker on Twitter.

“I’ve watched the TKB Beyoncé performance maybe 7 times today,” wrote another Twitter commenter. Another added, “TKB’s Beyonce deserves the top [all-star] of the week.”

However, many felt like Jan’s Lady Gaga couldn’t match Bonet’s Beyoncé. A lot of fans felt like Bonet should have been in the winner and that Jan only got the win because of a storyline that was carried over into All Stars. Jan famously didn’t win the Madonna Rusical challenge on her season, a challenge she felt was tailor-made for her. Her reaction to being safe led to one of the internet’s most popular memes.

“tkb [Bonet] was ROBBED,” wrote one viewer on Twitter. “She literally broke the [B]eyoncé curse that has haunted [D]rag [R]ace for over a decade. Jan was great don’t get me wrong but she should’ve won week 1 and 2.”

“TKB was robbed. You can’t convince me that Jan did better,” wrote another. “Also [All Stars contestants] A’Keria [Davenport] had no business being in the bottom over Eureka [O’Hara] & Ginger [Minj].”

Regardless, Bonet conquered the challenge and has earned the title of the franchise’s best Beyoncé, period. RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars is currently streaming Thursdays on Paramount Plus.