Twitter is having a field day with the latest clips of this interview between Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery star Janelle Monáe and Elvis‘ Austin Butler.

Butler, who portrayed Elvis in the Baz Lurhmann film of the same name, talked to Monáe as a part of Variety’s annual Actors on Actors series about how he didn’t spend time with his family for three years–much of that time probably due to COVID–and was fully immersed in the Elvis life.

“I didn’t see my family for about three years. I had moths where I wouldn’t talk to anybody, and when I did, the only thing I was ever thinking about was Elvis,” he said.

However, it seems most people aren’t particularly caring about what he said and more about how he sounds. Seems like Butler still sounds like how he did when he was playing Elvis, making a lot of people write their innermost thoughts about the actor online.

“He needs to be careful with that voice lol ‘with great power…’ you know the rest Austin Butler,” wrote one commenter.

When the two talked about Butler taking Monáe to Disneyland, another commenter wrote, “Does he mean the amusement park or something else? Hell, Austin, you can take me…any time…to Disneyland, or wherever, I don’t care.”

Another commenter wrote, “That voice. Elvis really made him sound like the way he looks…”

Other people, however, reacted to the years he spent in character or researching Elvis. Jokes were made particularly because of what method actors do to get into their role.

“Regular actors: ‘Everyone was great to work with on set, real professionals!,'” wrote one commenter in a meme format. “Method actors: ‘I forgot all human language…my body was in shock…I found myself wanted in Istanbul and the devil called my name…that’s what it took to act in [Generic Bio Picture].'”

“Oh he’s really trying to get that Oscar,” wrote another viewer, echoing other comments about what they think is Butler’s Oscar campaign for the Best Actor category.

Another also echoed other’s comments about the filming taking place during the COVID pandemic, writing, “We are all so scarred by wild method actors that we see Austin Butler say ‘I didn’t see my family for about three years’ and assume it was part of method acting instead of remembering Elvis was filming at the start of the pandemic.”

What do you think about the Actors on Actors interview?