Tyler James Williams is best known for his role on the cult classic sitcom, Everybody Hates Chris. However, the actor also had roles in films such as Dear White People and Disney Channel Original Movie, Let It Shine. The latter film also starred Trevor Jackson, Coco Jones and Brandon Mychal Smith.

Recently on social media, Williams revealed the backlash he received for Let It Shine and his role in television flick.

After a fan tweeted a scene of Tyler’s character, Cyrus engaging in a rap battle with Lord of the Bling (Smith) the film’s antagonist, Williams responded and spoke about reactions to the film. He also said the same thing happened when he played Lionel Higgins in Dear White People.

“I remember when people called me crazy for doing this movie and taking it seriously,” he wrote. “Crazy to try to introduce battle rap to kids via Disney.”

All in all, Williams said that he does not regret the experience. “Learned to trust that crazy feeling. I’ve never regretted it,” he continued. “Take the risk.”



Tyler James Williams: Non-Black Writers, Stop Writing Black ‘Slang’ Dialogue


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