Over the weekend, folks dragged Fox News to the ends of the earth and back for job shaming actor and The Cosby Show alum Geoffrey Owens after he was seen working at a Trader Joe’s.

Many who came to Owens’ defense were either actors or in the industry.

Owens would go on to appear on Good Morning America, addressing the situation. “I was really devastated, but the period of devastation was so short,” Owens told on “Good Morning America” while wearing his Trader Joe’s name tag. “My wife and I started to read these responses from literally all over the world. Fortunately, the shame part didn’t last very long. It’s really overwhelming in a good way,” Owens said. “It came out of nowhere. I really want to thank everybody out there — family, friends, the Hollywood community and the general public — for the amazing support and positivity that they’ve shown for me. It’s quite astounding. It’s very encouraging. Every job is worthwhile and valuable,” he said. “I’ve had a great life. I’ve had a great career … so no one has to feel sorry for me. I’m doing fine,” he said in part.

Now Tyler Perry is offering Owens a gig on his top-rated OWN show, The Haves and The Have Nots, tweeting, “#GeoffreyOwens I’m about to start shooting OWN’s number one drama next week! Come join us!!! I have so much respect for people who hustle between gigs. The measure of a true artist.”

Owens, who graduated from Yale and taught acting there, said he has had to quit Trader Joe’s because of all the publicity.