Not much is known about the life and death of Alfred Daniel (A.D.) King, the younger brother of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. But in Untold History: Life of a King, Emmy-winning journalist Ed Gordon takes viewers into the life of King and the details surrounding his mysterious drowning.

King died 15 months after his older brother was assassinated, but it’s unclear if he died from grief and depression caused by his brother’s death, or if there were other, more nefarious, reasons at work. As the first episode of a series that will, as the website states, “uncover multiple unsolved murder cases that span nearly four decades from 1934 to 1969 in the Civil Rights Era,” Untold History: Life of a King hopes to give voice to those whose deaths are shrouded in unanswered questions.

The trailer for Untold Story: Life of a King gives a good idea at the depth of research taken to piece together the circumstances surrounding King’s death.

Untold Story: Life of a King has already aired in several television markets around the country and will debut in many more throughout the year. To see when the episode will air in your city, visit Sunwise Media.