my-final-girl-black-women-in-horrorAn upcoming documentary you definitely should know about, and that we’ve been keeping tabs on for some time; worth revisiting on Halloween…

Titled “My Final Girl: The Black Women of 70s Horror Cinema,” from director Kristina Leath-Malin, the film surveys the American horror film tradition of the 1970s through early 1980s with focus on the contributions made by black women.

Currently in development, the film features notable artists of the period, as well as scholars like: Marlene Clark, Beverly Bonner, Gloria Gifford, Pam Grier, Dr. Robin Means-Coleman, Dr. Isabel Pinedo, Sam Waymon, Dolores Smith, and many more.

This is definitely a singular work, because I can’t say that the subject matter it will document is one that has previously been the focus of past films. So I’m certainly looking forward to what director Leath-Malin is putting together here.

“Final Girl” in the title of course refers to the Hollywood horror/slasher movie trope defined as the last character (often a young woman who is typically white) left alive to confront the killer/slasher.

You can follow the film’s progress via its Facebook page here.

Check out a very early trailer for the upcoming film: