Here’s the concept trailer for an upcoming indie feature film, The Beautiful Ones Are All Mad.

This is the first feature from the 55Media. It will star Rizelle Januk and Uche Aguh.  Uche Aguh is the writer and director, and cinematography will be done by Dennis Schmitz.

The film follows the journey of two people. Kunle (Aguh) is a manic-depressive film student. He ends up in a rehab ward and meets a Lola (Januk), a psychiatrist intern in training. Their worlds collide as they go on a journey of self-discovery, love and self-therapy.

“In 2016, after four years of med school, I left medicine altogether, moved to London and began my film-making career. I was called mad, crazy, unstable, a failure, bipolar etc. While it was a scary thing to do, it was absolutely liberating. Physician abuse, physician burn-out, physician suicide and a host of mental issues plague the physician/medical community. These themes and more are explored in this semi-biographical film in a real, yet whimsical and fanatical approach,” says Aguh, who describes it as “multi-ethnic,” “multi-dimensional,” and “multi-genre.”

The film is currently scheduled to shoot in Austin, Texas in July/August.

You can donate to their Indiegogo campaign here.

Watch the concept trailer below: