Viola Davis and Julius Tennon via their JuVee Productions shingle, and Lemuel Plummer of L. Plummer Media, have teamed up for a landmark limited series, “Two Sides of the Truth,” which will focus on four high profile cases that have been watershed moments for law enforcement and the Black community.

Produced for the TV One network by L. Plummer Media in partnership with JuVee Productions, “Two Sides” will dissect and present both points of view of these highly charged cases so the audience can draw their own conclusions after hearing both sides of the story.

In addition to executive producing, Viola Davis also narrates the limited series.

“Every other week we hear about these horrific incidences and many of them go unsolved and unresolved. We hope that this show can take those headlines and humanize them,” says Davis.

Adds Tennon: “We want to give an unbiased approach to digging into what really happened on those fateful days and in doing so, hopefully shed some light and bring some awareness to such an important issue.”

“Two Sides of the Truth” is executive produced by Davis, Tennon and Andrew T. Wang of JuVee Productions, Plummer and Jason L. Tolbert of L. Plummer Media (LPM) with LPM overseeing production.