"Intore" ("The Chosen")
“Intore” (“The Chosen”)

The ninth season of the award-winning documentary series “AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange” kicked off on WORLD Channel on January 16 with the documentary “An American Ascent.” The gripping film captures the first African American team of climbers to attempt to summit Denali (formerly Mount McKinley), North America’s highest peak, and to inspire other Blacks to connect with the outdoors. We shared the full film, which is now available online, last week. Watch it here if you missed it.

Another film from the ongoing season of “AfroPop” has also been made available online; titled “Intore” (“The Chosen”), the documentary offers a powerful and rare look at how Rwanda survived its tragic past by regaining its identity through music, dance and the resilience of its younger generation. Directed by Eric Kabera, “Intore” is a story of triumph, survival and hope, and how the nation rose above the ashes of a horrific 1994 genocide, to become a world model of post-conflict peace and unity.

The thoughtful and moving acclaimed documentary is now online in full and can be watched below.

Hosted by actress Nikki Beharie, “AfroPoP” is comprised of documentaries about contemporary life, art and culture across the African Diaspora. The program is produced by National Black Programming Consortium and co-presented by series distributor American Public Television (APT).

New episodes of “AfroPoP” air weekly through February 15.

First, watch a trailer for “Intore”; and then watch the hour-long documentary in full below.


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