Check out British-Nigerian writer/director Uche Aguh’s concept trailer for “Black Joker,” which the filmmaker describes a “a graphic and intense re-imagination of the iconic character ‘The Joker’ from the Batman.”

Aguh also stars as the “Black Joker” in the trailer. He is joined by Jamila Wingett and Riad Chehabeddine. The cinematography is by Dennis Schmitz; Set Design and costume are by Andrew Gourlay, who is also producer; Hair and Makeup by Babs Forman.

The 55Media production was shot on Location in London.

A concept trailer means that this is not an upcoming movie you should expect. Although, you never know; if it goes viral, DC Comics/Warner Bros may decide that there’s an audience for it, and produce a one-off “Black Joker” film on the cheap.

Watch Uche Aguh’s “Black Joker” below: