Of course actors especially should (hopefully) find this panel informative and thus useful. It streamed live yesterday, and the good folks at SAG-AFTRA have made the full panel available online today.

The panelists, which includes award-nominated and winning industry editors, discuss the elements of craft and technical skill an actor must execute to avoid the cutting room floor, and the decisions directors, producers and editors make based on an actor’s performance.

In watching the panel, audiences are expected to gain a better understanding of the process of editing a one-hour dramatic episode, and how the actor can best serve that process, SAG-AFTRA says.

Watch the roughly 100-minutes-long panel video below, after reading the panelists bios that follow:

— Lisa Bromwell A.C.E., “House of Cards”
Lisa just finished her 2nd collaboration with writer/director Ben Lewin on Please Stand By, with Dakota Fanning and Toni Collette. Previously she edited the Sundance Audience Award winning The Sessions for Mr. Lewin. She currently works on House Of Cards, for which she just won the ACE Eddie Award. Other television credits include the pilot and 1st season of HBO’s In Treatment, Weeds, and the Peabody Award winning series, Nothing Sacred. She worked with Randa Haines on the Showtime movie, The Outsider and with David Carson on In His Life: The John Lennon Story for which she was nominated for an Eddie Award. Other feature credits include include several films writer/director Sebastian Gutierrez: Rise, Women In Trouble, and Girl Walks Into A Bar, and Hotel Noir. She was also an Associate Editor onThe Silence Of The Lambs and She Devil and edited the Academy Award winning short film, Lieberman In Love for Christine Lahti.

— Jill D’Agnenica, “Pretty Little Liars”
Jill is a visual artist, filmmaker, and mother of two girls. Her directorial debut, the feature film Life Inside Out, won Best Premiere at the Heartland Film Festival in 2013 and went on to be screened at 20 festivals throughout the US and Canada, receiving 17 awards, including 5 Best Feature and 4 Audience Awards. After a limited theatrical release, Life Inside Out was released on DVD and VOD in April 2015. D’Agnenica started in the film industry as an assistant editor on ultra-low budget films, before transitioning to steady work in television. She has edited drama series including The Division (Lifetime), Dirt (FX), Undercovers (NBC), Hollywood Heights (Nickelodeon) and Switched at Birth (Freeform). She recently directed her first episode of television for Switched at Birth. In between television gigs, she continues to direct, co-produce, and edit indie shorts and features. D’Agnenica received her MFA in visual arts from Claremont Graduate University and a BA, Magna Cum Laude, in History from UCLA.

— Monty DeGraff, “Daredevil”

— Gregory T. Evans, “Scandal”
Gregory’s journey into the entertainment would started in commercials, editing national campaigns for various companies like Lexus, Six Flags and Wienerschnitzel. Gregory left commercials for documentaries, where he spent years honing the craft of long form storytelling. But he eventually ventured back to short form, joing the WB television networks on-air promotion department as an editor. After crafting everything from special projects to network spots for shows like Gilmore Girls, Supernatural, Smallville and 7th Heaven, Gregory made the move to The CW television network where he helped brand and launch the new network. But the draw to tell longer stories drew Gregory away once again, this time to the Fox Network hour long drama “Prison Break.” Since that time he’s edited on various network shows, including “Private Practice”, “Off The Map,” “Three Rivers,” “Scandal,” and “Touch.” After years of working hand in hand in the edit bay with some of the most powerful showrunners and producers in TV, in 2015 Gregory took a turn behind the camera, writing and directing the award winning short film, “Jack of All Trades.” Gregory is about to start editing his sixth season of the ABC drama “Scandal,” for creator/executive producer Shonda Rhimes.

— Jordan Goldman, A.C.E., “Homeland”
Jordan has worked for nearly 20 years in Hollywood, cutting over 75 episodes of television, ranging from Homeland to Terriers to The Shield. He earned an Emmy and an American Cinema Editors Eddie for his work on the pilot of Homeland. Jordan is a member of the Motion Picture Editor’s Guild, the American Cinema Editors, the Television Academy, and the Director’s Guild of America. He is the author of the book How To Avoid The Cutting Room Floor: An editor’s advice for on-camera actors.

The conversations kicks in at around the 21-minute mark: