nullIt’s not the planned biopic on 1980s drug lord ‘Freeway’ Rick Ross that we’ve been following for a couple of years or more now.

Instead, Ross is a character in a feature film based on Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Gary Webb (played by Jeremy Renner), who, thanks to his reporting, exposed the CIA’s involvement in helping Nicaragua’s Contra rebels import cocaine into California during the 1980s.

Webb died in 2004, shot dead in what was initially determined to be a suicide, but some believe he may have instead been murdered.

This new project, based on a novel titled "Kill the Messenger" by Nick Schou, will see Michael K. Williams play ‘Freeway’ Rick Ross in a Focus Features production. 

Michael Cuesta ("Homeland") directs from a script penned by Peter Landesman (also executive producer) who adapted Schou’s novel. 

Ross headed an ingenious and complex scheme of the crack cocaine trade in Los Angeles during the early 80s – the height of his success – moving 100 kilograms of cocaine daily, which was distributed across the country – product that he claims was supplied by Nicaraguan rebels/Contras – hence his connection to Gary Webb’s story in "Kill The Messenger," which will be in theaters this Friday, October 10.

Here’s a new clip from the film, featuring Williams as Ross: