"No Guarantee"
“No Guarantee”

Below is the current winner of the SCI-FI-LONDON 48hr Film Challenge, which, as its name suggests, is a 48-hour challenge to make a sci-fi film, with the organization’s goal being to force filmmakers to learn to work with limited resources, including time, while still creating something worth watching.

The most recent winner of the challenge hails from a team of filmmakers who call themselves Rainmakers, and is titled “No Guarantee.”

The 5-minute film depicts a doomed love story set in a dystopian future and explores the possibility of uploading consciousness into the cloud to escape the dying world. It stars Justin Marosa and Alice Henley as the couple.

For more information on Rainmakers and No Guarantee visit https://www.facebook.com/noguarantee/.

Over the last seven years, the Challenge has had over 1000 films completed, many of which have gone to other film festivals, and been broadcast on TV. Mostly short films, the Challenge has seen two feature films completed, including “Monsters” by Gareth Edwards.

Watch “No Guarantee” below: