There’s some excitement for diaspora cinema outside of the USA as young creatives emerge within continental Africa, South America and the Caribbean, as well as across Europe, and, in some cases, working with very limited resources in countries without much of a film industry (compared to what we have here in the USA), but that they make up for with ideas, creativity, hustle and just the sheer will to succeed by any means necessary.

Here’s one of those filmmakers whose previous work has been featured on this blog – Nicholas Attin, who hails from Trinidad & Tobago.

Attin has been hard at work on his next feature film – a science fiction thriller (a genre rarity when it comes to cinema of the Caribbean), titled "Tomb," for which he’s writer, producer, and director.

nullThe film’s synopsis reads: "On the 10th of September in the year 2025 several nations around the world join together for the largest expedition into the furthest regions of deep space. They share a common mission to discover a new way of life for all mankind. This mass galactic exodus is spearheaded by PROSELYTE GLOBAL, a world corporate entity responsible for the design of a special artificial intelligence on board each country’s starship. COMMANDER NELSON OBATALA and COMMANDER CHARLES MERCER are two astronauts representing Trinidad and Tobago. They individually pilot two human inclusive deep space probes. During the long voyage what was expected to be six months of hyper sleep turns out to be much longer for Obatala. His vessel is ordered to change its course and respond to a distress beacon sent out by Mercer whose ship’s course had been mysteriously altered. Now separated from his wife and baby daughter for much longer than anticipated, Obatala must risk the success of his mission and the family he loves to find and rescue his dear friend and fellow countryman. The love for his wife and child may help him cope with the loneliness of space; his training may help him survive even giant rogue asteroids; but nothing could prepare anyone for the awesome unknown of a wormhole! Only on the other side will he truly come face to face with destiny."

"Tomb" stars Kearn Samuel (who also starred in Attin’s last film, the action/thriller, "Escape From Babylon"), Gregory Pollonais, Conrad Parris, Jair Massiah, Rebecca Foster, Chris Smith and Amanda McIntyre. 

Co-Producers are Kearn Samuel and Fidel Guerra. 

The film was shot entirely in Trinidad between November 2014 and February 2015, and since then, the filmmaker has been in post-production, raising funds along the way, to help complete it, calling it the Caribbean’s first science fiction thriller, which he says was inspired by his favorite directors – Stanley Kubrick, Terrence Malick, Ridley Scott and Alejandro Jodorowsky.

As we all know, making a movie that includes scenes requiring computer generated effects can be an expensive endeavor, and without adequate funds, an indie filmmaker, no matter how creative and resourceful, will be challenged as he/she attempts to create realistic and believable effects. To address that, as well as to complete the film, Attin took to Indiegogo last year seeking $25,000 in completion funds for a film that was shot almost entirely on green screen, as there wasn’t a budget to shoot on real sets. The campaign wasn’t successful, but Attin didn’t let that deter him, and he found a way to get the job done in terms of creating the film’s many visual effects. So this is a workman-like effort, made on a low budget, but he hustled and finished, and has now released a first full trailer, giving us a glimpse at what’s coming.

Along with the trailer, Attin shared the following note: "After 20 months of non stop work, I’ve finished one of the biggest undertakings in my life thus far. This film will be my third contribution to the national and artistic landscape of Trinidad and Tobago. I don’t know what the outcome will be when it’s officially released to the world – obviously one hopes for good things to happen. Who doesn’t want to be financially successful at what they do? – I know I do. But if I’m being really honest and it may very well go hand in hand with some measure of naivete – I’ve come to realize that I’m doing this for something I consider much more valuable than money. Legacy. If the day comes when I’m lucky enough to encounter the woman to whom I can call sweet and tender companion and she through our time shared as friends and lovers, helps me to live again and possibly again through our children – legacy is the first thing I’ll have prepared for them. I congratulate my Super Talented Cast for taking this jump to light speed with me. Every performance was magic to capture and I thank each and everyone of you for the experience. My deepest thanks to Master Musicians Vidal Montgomery and Navid Lancaster for lending your talents to the sound of our dreams! My deepest thanks to my dear friend and Creative Consultant Mr. Rafael Noblé. Thank you for your amazing friendship and support throughout this entire journey! Here it is dear friends – Long Live Cinema!"

Watch the trailer for "Tombs" below.