We Are Who We Are stars Jordan Kristine Seamón, Spence Moore II, Ben Taylor and Corey Knight joined Shadow and Act’s Trey Mangum on Shadow and Act Live to discuss their roles as siblings Caitlin and Danny Pothyress and Sam and Craig Pratchett.

The quad talked about some of the challenges and positive experiences they’ve had playing their characters, such as visiting Italy for the first time and interacting with their castmates.

My favorite part about playing Caitlin was playing someone who was so confident in themselves,” said Seamón. When I first got to Italy, because it was my first role, I was really, really scared and nervous and I wasn’t super-duper confident in general. And in the past, I’ve always played really mean girls for some reason–I don’t know why, I think I just have that look…But it was really, really interesting to play a character that was so confident and just took charge of a room whenever they stepped, and you really see it a lot more through the season.”

I would definitely say just the fact that I had to live in being Danny because Danny is the type of character I would say I’m not really like, so for me it was a stretch just from an artistic point of view,” Moore said. But it was a love-hate relationship because I felt like it was my favorite part because I felt like I was really locked into the character the whole time while we were shooting. I would say that was my favorite part, just having to lock in and…be this character and bring him to life.”

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