Similar to the hidden gems of short films and TV shows we often cover on Shadow and Act, the New York City borough of The Bronx is often overlooked and underrated, especially when compared to its counterparts like Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan.

However, one Bronx native is seeking the course correct the underrepresentation and misconceptions plaguing New York’s northernmost borough while also elevating the voices of Black and brown women.

In the comedic web series, Bronx ’ish, actress and writer Danielle Alonzo takes viewers on an odyssey of a young woman’s adventures in the Boogie Down Bronx while chasing her dreams.

Alonzo, a Bronx-bred Afro-Latina who grew up in Soundview, wrote the entire first season, which comprises of eight 5-minute episodes. Throughout the first season of Bronx ’ish, viewers watch Alonzo navigate a variety of scenarios with humor and levity, such as bluntly turning down a man saddled with children or arguing with a cop over an illegal U-turn.

The first season of Bronx ’ish is currently free to watch in full on YouTube and season 2 episodes are currently airing now.