The 13th season of The Wendy Williams Show has been postponed due to Williams being diagnosed with a breakthrough case of COVID-19.

Deadline reports that Williams’ diagnosis was announced to the public through her show’s Instagram page.

“While continuing her health evaluations, Wendy has tested positive for a breakthrough case of COVID-19,” states the message. “To allow Wendy time to quarantine and fully recover and to ensure that our production abides by all SAG/AFTRA and DGA Covid protocols, we expect to begin the 13th season of The Wendy Williams Show on Monday, October 4th. In the meantime, repeats will be scheduled.”

The diagnosis comes on the heels of Williams announcing she would step back from promotional duties of the upcoming season due to existing health issues.

“Wendy is dealing with some ongoing health issues and is undergoing further evaluations,” according the message posted to Instagram Sept. 9. “She will not be able to complete her promotional activities next week, but can’t wait to be back on in her purple chair on Monday, September 20th for the 13th season premiere.”

While her condition is described as a “breakthrough case,” Williams told Dr. Oz on his show that she had reservations about getting a coronavirus vaccine.

“No. I don’t trust it,” she said, as reported by the Atlanta Black Star. “I’ve never gotten the flu shot either though, and you and I have talked about that. Several of the doctors on my team have told me, ‘Wendy, get the flu shot.’ I’ve never had the flu, I’m not getting the flu shot. I very rarely get a cold. I never have headaches. I don’t take an asprin because I feel my heart murmur or something like that. I’m not getting [it]–no, I don’t trust it. There, I said it.”

According to Deadline, Williams was diagnosed in 1999 with Graves disease. It is unclear if that existing condition led to her stepping back from promotional duties. She also infamously passed out live on-air Halloween 2017. The moment was immortalized in Williams’ Lifetime film, produced by Williams herself and starring Ciera Payton in the lead role.