UPDATE #2 (5/12/2019): More evidence was released last night that Loqueesha is one giant troll. The San Luis Obispo International Film Festival has issued a statement about Loqueesha using its laurels in the film’s trailer:

“In regards to the trailer for the film “Loqueesha,” this film was never selected, screened, or given an award at our festival. The SLO Film Fest laurels were taken without permission and we are currently working to have them removed.”

Screengrabs are floating around the internet of SLO Film Fest website listing Loqueesha as a film that was replaced on its 2019 roster, however.

UPDATE: The film’s trailer claims that it was selected for the 2019 San Luis Obispo Film Festival, but the festival’s website does not list it among 2019 selections.

Previously reported: It’s not often that we’re left speechless, but this trailer for writer/director Jeremy Saville’s “comedy,” Loqueesha, has left our mouths agape. We’re not going to give the trailer any hits but here’s the official description of the film sent out by PR firm October Coast:

“From Writer/Director Jeremy Saville, Loqueesha is the hilarious and heartwarming story of Joe, an astute and underachieving Detroit bartender who values truth above everything. When Joe finds out he needs to pay for his gifted son’s private school education, he submits an audition to a local radio station for his own talk therapy show. After he’s rejected, he invents a larger-than-life Black female personality named Loqueesha, who is hired sight unseen by the unwitting radio station owners. As Loqueesha’s star rises, Joe is increasingly challenged with keeping her identity a secret, maintaining his own sense of self and grappling with the often bizarre perceptions of an audience who have absolutely no idea who they’re talking, or listening, to. With a diverse cast of breakthrough actors, Loqueesha takes viewers on an unexpected and thought-provoking journey that challenges society’s—and our own—conventional beliefs about identity and perception.”

Trolling Black women for notoriety is nothing new, and Saville seems to be just the latest culprit. In 2019, using a caricature of a Black woman as a tool for personal profit while learning something about himself along the way! is nothing more than the typical dehumanization of Black women for laughs and a white protagonist’s personal growth and we’re not here for it.

Photo credit: October Coast
Photo credit: October Coast

If you dare to watch it, Loqueesha will supposedly be in theaters July 12.


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