Basking in the afterglow of the critical success of her latest drama The Photograph, newly minted romantic star Issa Rae is not mincing words on the conversation of inclusion in a new interview with Variety.

In the interview, Rae points out Hollywood’s problematic depiction of interracial relationships

“Every time there’s an interracial romance, it feels like it centers on whiteness, and it doesn’t have to,” the Insecure star said to Variety. “Just so you know, there are people who don’t procreate with just white people.”

In the wake of Joaquin Phoenix’s speech at the BAFTAs calling out institutional racism and discrimination in Hollywood, Rae said it’s about time discussions on inclusion be asked of the white people make major decisions in the film and television industry.

“I don’t feel like it’s up to me to answer those questions. Like, I’m doing the work. I’m out here. I’m employing who I need to employ, I’m telling the stories that I need to tell,” she said. “Those questions need to be asked to the powers-that-be. It needs to be asked to the white people who run this industry.”

The Photograph is in theaters now.


‘The Photograph’ Is The Soft Romance Film That Black People Deserve

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