Zendaya has signaled that she is interested in directing, especially if the leads are Black women.

The Euphoria and Spider-Man: No Way Home actress spoke with British Vogue about her potential focus on directing. In the interview, she said that she would only want to direct Black women in leading roles.

“If I ever do become a filmmaker, I know that the leads of my films will always be Black women,” she said. “I gotta hurry up and figure out how to f—ing become a director, man. I’m trying, I’m learning every day, I really am. There’s so much I want to do.”

Zendaya has already started changing the industry behind the scenes, such as giving the Malcolm & Marie crew financial ownership of the film so they could be supported during the COVID-19 industry shutdown in 2020.

She has also opened up about colorism in the industry, saying in 2020 how recognizing her privilege as a lighter-skinned actress is important.

“I…think it’s important being a light-skinned woman to recognize my privilege in that sense…and make sure that I’m not taking up space where I don’t need to,” she said. “…[H]opefully I’ll be in a space like these ladies where I can create things and make space for other women who look like me and women who don’t look like me. That’s the ultimate goal, to make room, [because] for a lot of Black creatives, it’s not a lack of talent but a lack of opportunity.”

Aside from Spider-Man: No Way Home, she’ll also be seen later this year in Dune.