Euphoria‘s Barbie Ferreira is pushing back on reports who claim there is on-set tension between the show’s stars, Ferreira in particular, and creator/director Sam Levinson. Reportedly, Ferreira and Levinson had an argument over Ferreira’s character Kat, with the character allegedly getting less screen time. Ferreira allegedly walked off the set. However, she has said that reports are “untrue.”

“What’s so interesting about this season is there are so many more eyes on it that even the news cycle has been so interesting to see,” she said, according to Variety. “I’ve seen so many different things and a lot of it is untrue, and some of it’s kind of like mundane little things.”

"I really think that the fans are really passionate and I do appreciate that because Euphoria has really impacted so many people," she continued.

“Sometimes, things take a life of their own, and they’re not rooted in the truth but it’s okay because I know it’s just out of passion and out of curiosity and all that good stuff. And I signed up for it. So I’ll take it. I’ll take the good and the bad.”

The second season of Euphoria has been wildly popular on social media, spawning several viral moments, including the “Is this f—–g play about us?” moment creating TikTok memes. Another viral moment included Angus Cloud, who plays Fez in the series. A video of him working at a Brooklyn restaurant took the internet by storm.