It looks like Euphoria star Dominic Fike is totally fine with being in on the joke and having fun with the fandom.

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Elliot’s song on this season’s finale of the show may have been a calming moment in the storm of the episode, but fans have had mixed thoughts on the moment.

Season 2’s finale brought in plenty of heaviness that was broken up with Elliot’s song to Rue (Zendaya). An apologetic Rue is gifting everyone forgiveness and gratitude, or at least as much as she can. Before Rue departs from non-sober Elliot, he hits her with a performance of “Little Star.”

As calming as the song was, the some fans wished they show did without it...or at least cut it shorter.

Fike took to social media to respond. As Showbiz Cheat Sheet reports, Fike wrote “Hahaha” over one of the tweets on Instagram. He also reposted a meme of a man that said, “I’m getting cooked.” Along with the meme, he wrote, “This really how I woke up.” In another post to hist stories, he posted a selfie and said, “The internet remains undefeated I am humbled.”

Despite common belief that Fike performed his own song, it was written by Zendaya and Euphoria's music head, Labrinth.

Fan reactions to the song

A lot of people’s issues aren’t with Fike and his talents, just its length and inclusion.

“The song was actually good,” wrote on person on Reddit. “He has a lovely voice, but it should have been like a 30sec scene, not [four] minutes.”

“Love that he was a trooper. The scene was just painfully long but his voice is amazing and the song was very touching,” said another user.