The season finale of Tyler Perry’s Sistas aired last night on BET.

The network has announced fresh details about the fourth season of the show as well as its BET+ spinoff, Zatima. Sistas will return on Jan. 5 and Zatima is set to premiere later in 2022.

1. Everything we know about 'Tyler Perry's Zatima'

Tyler Perry’s Zatima will be a 10-episode one-hour series that follows popular characters Zac, played by Devale Ellis, and Fatima, played Crystal Renee’ Hayslett, as they navigate the ups and downs of their relationship.

The series executive produced, directed, and written by Tyler Perry. Zatima started production at Tyler Perry Studios earlier this month and will premiere in 2022 on BET+. This will mark the second spinoff from a Tyler Perry series on BET.

BET’s President and CEO, Scott Mills said this on Zatima and the network’s relationship with Tyler Perry:

“We are continuing to strengthen our investment in quality programming, and our partnership with Tyler Perry has a proven track record of super-serving our audience. We look forward to unlocking crossover viewership opportunities between our linear platform and our streaming service one of our strongest series, ‘Sistas.’ With ‘Zatima’ joining our expanding roster of BET+ originals, BET is committed to giving viewers more of the compelling content they love and expect across our platforms.”

2. The fourth season of 'Sistas' is coming very soon

Tyler Perry’s Sistas, which is the No. 1. Black viewers, debuts its new season on Jan. 5.

Season 4 of Sistas continues “the unbounded connection between the five girlfriends as they move through everyday life, circumstances, and each finding a new voice, one that demands everyone listens. These five women go after what they desire and handle the blows of life with resilience, determination, and the support of each other.”

The series stars KJ Smith, Mignon, Ebony Obsidian, Novi Brown, Crystal Renee’ Hayslett, DeVale Ellis, Chido Nwokocha, Anthony Dalton II, Brian Jordan Jr., Kevin A. Walton, and Trinity Whiteside.

3. Learn more about the status of the characters when the season begins below:

In Season 4, Andi played by KJ Smith finally focuses on her own wants and needs when it comes to her personal life. While continuing to be a top-notch lawyer, Andi tests the waters with the possibility of a new relationship on the horizon. Gary played by Chido Nwokocha, however, goes above and beyond in an attempt to get Andi to commit to him, and only him.

Danni played by Mignon, opens the season showing Preston how she really feels about their relationship now that El Fuego is in the picture. Eventually, things get complicated when Preston played by Trinity Whiteside, begins exhibiting uncharacteristic like behavior to win Danni’s attention.

Karen played by Ebony Obsidian, finds herself consumed with Zac’s personal life this season. Karen’s emotions overtake her as she tries to reconcile her feelings between Zac played by DeVale Ellis, and Aaron played by Kevin A. Walton.

Sabrina played by Novi Brown, is the listening ear to her girlfriends and their drama, but she makes sure she doesn’t forget about Maurice played by Brian Jordan Jr. While still dating Calvin played by Anthony Dalton II, Sabrina embarks on a new journey that could lead to newfound love.

Fatima played by Crystal Renee’ Hayslett, basks in her love for Zac and makes it known to anyone who questions their relationship. Although Fatima finds herself facing new challenges in her relationship with Zac, her feet are firmly planted. Now that things are looking up for Zac, he and Fatima shift their focus to themselves and their future together.

4. Watch the 'Sistas' season 4 trailer below: