The 2012 Tribeca Film Festival is officially underway, and I've managed to just 1 film screening thus far (the Congolese drama War Witch), along with a few non-film events. My review of that film should be posted tomorrow morning at the latest.

Here's another film that's on my short list of titles to screen at this year's event; I initially profiled it in early March, after the Tribeca lineup was unveiled.

Here's a recap… titled Stones In The Sun (or Woch Nan Soley), the USA/Haiti production, making its world premiere at the festival in the World Narrative section, is written and directed by Haitian-born New Yorker Patricia Benoit, produced by Karin Chien, Ben Howe, and Mynette Louie, and its synopsis reads:

In the midst of increasing political violence in their homeland, the lives of three pairs of Haitian refugees intersect in 1980s New York City. A haunted young woman struggling to forget the atrocities she's experienced reunites with her husband in Brooklyn, where he barely scrapes by as a livery cab driver. A single mother striving for assimilation in a tony Long Island suburb takes in her sister, a teacher and political activist who is unable to reconcile their violent youth with her sister's seemingly banal lifestyle. And a newly married man, the host of a popular anti-government radio show, finds his estranged father (a recently ousted military leader) on his doorstep, desperate for shelter. Now, they all must confront the disturbing truth of their pasts, as we slowly learn the history of their interlocked lives.

The film's cast includes Edwidge Danticat (yes THAT Edwidge Danticat, the author; although she's appeared in other films, and served on film festival juries), Michele Marcelin, Carlo Mitton, James Noel, Patricia Rhinvil, and Thierry SaintineI.

The synopsis reads like it could be a Danticat novel, doesn't it? I'm thinking especially of The Dew Breaker, itself recently optioned to be adapted into a film, with Danny Glover, Sophie Okonedo and Chiwetel Ejiofor mentioned as potential cast members.

S&A has been given an exclusive look at the film via the below clip from it: