Marvel fans are banding together to boost Coco Jones to the top of Marvel’s radar so she can hopefully become the next weather goddess.

A petition created by Tityn Alexander is urging Marvel to consider Jones, who is currently starring on Bel-Air, for the role of Storm. As the petition’s headline states, Alexander wants Marvel to “get it right.”

"Please get STORM right. We are tired of the colorism in Hollywood," he wrote. "STORM is a beautiful…DARK SKIN woman."

“Also, STOP making her weak in films, she’s beyond omega level and y’all keep playing her with these weak a– powers,” he continued. “She’s our BLACK QUEEN and COCO JONES should be the actor to make our dreams come true. Dark skin women need to see real representation as a mainstream superhero or mutant and it is beyond time.”

The petition has just launched Wednesday and has the potential to gain traction as the weeks go on, especially since many Marvel fans have complained about the colorism involved in casting Storm, starting with Halle Berry and continuing with Alexandra Shipp.

Currently, Marvel hasn't officially made any announcement regarding the X-Men coming to the MCU, but it's assumed by fans that the X-Men will become a part of the cinematic universe in the coming years, and actresses have begun vying for the project since the Fox and Disney company merger.

One actress others have campaigned for is Kiki Layne, who reportedly has showed interest in playing the character. With Jones potentially becoming another actress who could be interested in the role, and with Michaela Coel playing a currently unannounced character rumored to be Storm in Black Panther II: Wakanda Forever, the playing field has suddenly become intense for one of the most speculated-about roles in the MCU.