Earlier in the week, I posted an entry in which Kasi Lemmons, who attended this year’s Sundance Director’s Lab as an advisor, blogged about her experience (read that HERE if you missed it); today, I give you actor/writer/editor/director Keith Davis (one of S&A’s 2011 Black Filmmakers To Watch), who also attended this year’s Sundance Director’s Lab, but as a fellow, developing his feature film screenplay The American People, who also blogged about his experiences, via the Sundance website blog.

Here’s the intro:

I’ve been staring at my laptop for about 20 minutes now. I sat down here to encapsulate what this experience is like. Above all else, I’d like to be brutally honest with you. But I can’t. Not so much because of what happens at the Directors Labs itself, but rather because of what seems to happen to you at the Directors Labs. You change. Immediately. And it’s difficult to nail down without maybe sounding muddy or like you’ve “drank the kool-aid.” (Disclaimer: I drank the kool-aid.)

The rest can be read HERE.