Speaking of films we expected to debut in 2013 but didn’t… this is one of the films on my list of films to highlight. So I may as well get to it right now, since a brand new release trailer has surfaced, signalling that the film’s theatrical debut isn’t too far away.

For those who’ve been wondering what the status of the Taraji P. Henson sports drama, From The Rough, is, and whether you’ll get the chance to see it eventually, well, it’s still not very clear, despite this morning’s trailer unveiling.

Last we reported on this, in August, an IndieGoGo campaign had been set up by the film’s producer/financier Michael Critelli, to raise $500,000 to help with the film’s release. But the campaign wasn’t successful (not even close) raising just over $3800, less than 1% of the goal.

Here’s what was written on the campaign’s page:

The movie is complete and ready to be released. We are just beginning our awareness building programs.  

We need your help to get the movie out into theaters in America and across the globe. The money we raise through this program will enable more theaters to show the movie and so more people can be inspired by Coach Starks. It costs us over $1,000 just to get the movie onto each big screen. 

Every pledge is one more fan, one more person who wants to send a message to Hollywood, to distributors, to prospective investors, and to exhibitors that movies like From The Rough have broad appeal and need to be supported.  

As a thank you for your generous pledges, we have put together some exclusive and exciting ‘perks’ for you, including:

    • Having your name on the movie and DVD credits 
    • A phone call from one of the movie’s stars
    • VIP access to a movie premiere and after-party

We understand that not everyone can contribute monetarily. There are other ways to help out! Please help us and get involved by spreading the word about our movie. Please visit the website and sign up to receive our newsletter, like and share our Facebook page, follow us onTwitter, and spread the word to all your friends and family.

I checked out the film’s Facebook page to find a recent post saying that the film will be out in 2014, but with no exact date.

Assuming they were depending on the $500,000 IndieGoGo campaign goal, to release the film, given that it failed, I can only wonder what their options are now.

Recall that this is the film which was at the center of a battle for control between director Pierre Bagley and financier/producer Critelli, which was very well documented on this blog.

We’ve been following the film’s progress since 2010/2011, and so there’s a lengthy dramatic back-story to this, which I really don’t want to revisit. If you’d like to catch up on all of it, click HERE to do so.

But it looks like they’ll be self-releasing the film, or maybe releasing via some sort of service deal with AMC Independent or Freestyle Releasing. Or maybe Robert Johnson’s Image Entertainment, or Jeff Clangan’s/Lionsgate’s CodeBlack will pick it up.

By the way, I’d be remiss if I didn’t add that the late Michael Clarke Duncan co-stars in the film. As do Letoya Luckett, Henry Simmons, and others.

While we wait for news of an exact release date, here’s the new trailer: