If it wasn’t already clear that Omar Sy is going to play Bishop in X-men: Days Of Future Past. (there was some initial uncertainty when it was announced that he was joining the film’s cast), well, this should help.

Here’s your first official look at Sy in character dress as the son of Aborigine mutant refugees, whose powers include energy absorption and redirection, as well as superhuman physical attributes, and the ability to instinctively know his present location.

How much screen time, and how involved the character will be in the overall narrative is unknown at this time. I’d be surprised if it’s a role with any real weight, even though the character is an interesting one, with intriguing origins, and capabilities to be explored on screen.

Of course, we know that Halle Berry is reprising her role as Storm… but we already know what she looks like in character, since she’s appeared in 3 previous X-Men films.
Here’s Sy as Bishop (image courtesy of our friends at Comic Book Movie):