nullNothing special (above)… posted earlier today on the film's Facebook page (HERE). I'm sure a few more will pop up shortly, with a trailer for the film in the next few weeks, given that it's scheduled to open fairly soon, February 2012, in what should be a big year for Tyler Perry, with at least 4 films expected to open in theaters – this one (Good Deeds), his take on Alex CrossThe Marriage Counselor (which he's directing but not starring in), and a Madea movie (though no word on where the gun-carrying grandmother will turn up this time).

As a recap… Tyler Perry plays successful entrepreneur Glen Deeds, who is about to get married to his uptown fiancee playe by Gabrielle Union, when he suddenly finds himself more interested in a down-on-her-luck single mother played by Thandie Newton.

Anyone wanna take a stab at captioning the above photo… just for the hell of it? What might be going down in this scene?

The poster follows below if you missed it when it was posted about a month ago.