Black Girl is a 1972 film directed by former actor, playwright and social activist Ossie Davis. The film is based on the off-Broadway successful play, Black Girl, by J. E. Franklin and tells the story of young girl’s desire to become a dancer despite being a high school dropout and facing ridicule from her half-sisters.

The cast includes Peggie Pettitt, Loretta Greene, Leslie Uggams, Brock Peters, Claudia McNeil, Louise Stubbs, Gloria Edwards, Kent Martin and Ruby Dee.

The film wasn’t received well by critics but many were encouraged by the acting with a review from The New York Times saying…”Some of the acting is very good. Peggy Pettitt, a newcomer, as a quite complicated Billie Jean; Gloria Edwards as the more evil of the half-sisters; above all, Brock Peters as the rich, nimble, sweet-talking Earl.”

Below is the trailer and a clip along with the theme song “Black Girl.”

Betty Everett “Black Girl” by OnTheRecord