Online cinematheque MUBI (formerly The Auteurs) has partnered up with La Semaine de la Critique (aka Critics’ Week) (the Cannes Film Festival section known for discovering new talent, showcasing the first and second feature films from directors all over the world), in celebration of 50 years in existence, by showing a retrospective of films from the festival’s history.

The films will be free for the first 1,000 views through June 30th.

I just took a peek and noticed that the vast majority of films have yet to reach 1000 views, because they are still listed as FREE; those that have surpassed 1000 watches (I think I counted 2 or 3) can be viewed for $1. There are 75 films in total, a mix of shorts and features. So, you’re encouraged to see a whole bunch of films from the festival’s past that you probably have never seen, and may never see once this retro is over at the end of June.

Some titles that may be of interest to you, given this site specific interests include, but aren’t limited to: Demain peut-être (France), and Fish Dreams (Brazil), in the feature-length category; and Négropolitain (France) and Anbafey, in the short films category (click each title to be taken to their Mubi pages, where you can instantly watch them).

Remember, the films are FREE to watch for the first 1,000, so, hurry over while they’re still FREE.

Enjoy… 🙂