As I’ve mentioned before, we get bombarded with requests
from filmmakers all over, asking us to feature their project fundraising
campaigns. But this time, however, it was different.

I actually came across this by chance through someone
else, and it definitely intrigued me because it is original, to say the least.

The film, titled Naz
and Malkik
, was shot this past summer by writer and director Jay Dockendorf, and tells the story of two gay Brooklyn-based African American first
generation Muslims, played Curtiss Cook Jr.
and Kerwin Johnson Jr., who are “friends,
classmates, business partners, and lovers.

And while wrestling with the decision to tell their family
and their community about the true nature of their relationship, their partnership also sets an FBI agent “on
their trail, who grows convinced that the boys are engaged in “violent
radicalism,” [as] her pursuit becomes increasingly menacing and the stakes
surrounding the boys’ hapless hustling and lies grow. What began as a struggle
to protect their sexual identities evolves into a crisis much larger – a fight
to stay alive.

Now doesn’t that sound rather interesting, to say the
least? And you have to admit that it is rather unique as well.

Right now there are currently 9 days left for film’s Kickstarter campaign to raise $35,000
for post-production work (they’re almost there). To contribute, go 

And to find out more
about the film, you can go to its website HERE.

Here’s a short video about the project: