We somehow missed this yesterday… and we aren’t alone it seems.

We already told you about Tyler Perry’s upcoming new film, Good Deeds, in which he stars, this time in a romantic drama. In the film, Perry will take on the role of Glen Deeds, described as an affluent and successful entrepreneur who’s about to get married when he suddenly becomes enamored by a down-on-her-luck single mother who rekindles a spark that seems to have faded with his uptown fiancée.

We later told you that Thandie Newton would play the “down-on-her-luck single mother,” and wondered who would play his uppity fiancée.

Well, we now have an answer to that question – specifically, tucked away in THIS write-up about the film on Deadline’s website yesterday, was the revelation that Gabrielle Union is set to play the uptown gal. And even further, Phylicia Rashad, and Brian White, are also attached, although we don’t know in what roles.

I should note that Tyler has worked with Newton, Union, Rashad and White; so maybe he’s given some thought to building a troupe. I’ll keep an eye out for Loretta Devine’s name to come up 🙂

And, by the way, Rebecca Romijn and Jamie Kennedy are also cast members.

Principal photography is scheduled to begin at the end of April in Atlanta, with both Tyler Perry’s 34th Street Films and Lionsgate producing; and the latter distributing.

What to make of this one… *shrug;* although, I certainly wouldn’t mind being *sandwiched* between Gabrielle Union and Thandie Newton, as it looks like Mr Tyler Perry will be in this.