Garcelle Beauvais revealed that Gladys Knight once caught her and former co-star Jamie Foxx in a compromising position.

Atlanta Black Star reports that even though Beauvais and Foxx have never been an official couple, with Beauvais saying everything between them was platonic, she did reveal on TV One’s Uncensored: Unscripted that Knight caught Beauvais giving Foxx a kiss, a kiss that was a “one-time thing,” as Beauvais said.

"I knew Jamie from 'In Living Color,' and our chemistry was through the roof!" she said. "…We did steal a kiss one time backstage. Gladys Knight came around the corner and she saw us, and I remember being so embarrassed, but that was a one-time thing."

The clip made the rounds on Instagram, with fans of The Jamie Foxx Show, where the two were co-stars, feeling like they finally had vindication about the chemistry they saw on screen.

According to Atlanta Black Star, one commenter wrote, "They should have been together in real life!" Another believed Beauvais wasn't telling the whole truth, writing, "Ain't that much chemistry and only a one time kiss happened!!"

Chemistry aside, Beauvais told Access Hollywood in April that she and Foxx decided not to date in order to respect their friendship. She said that if they did try something “back in the day,” they wouldn’t be “the friends we are now.”

The kiss she shared with Foxx isn't the only thing she talked about on the TV One series.

She also revealed why she never became a permanent host of The View after strange interactions with Nicolle Wallace and Rosie Perez. She said particularly of Perez that Perez kicked her.

She said:

“I’m talking, I’m making my point, I’m setting it up, I’m talking about it. I get kicked under the table by Rosie Perez. It wasn’t a kick where like, ‘Oh she’s crossing her legs.’ It was a kick where it was intentional,” adding that she didn’t say anything to Perez about it that day. But the next day, Perez knocks on her dressing room door to talk to her.

"She said, 'I kicked you because I wanted you to stop talking.' That's not how you do it," Beauvais said.

“…That kick said a lot, a lot to me, and I didn’t want to be in that environment, I had heard a lot of stories, and by the end of my I had a meeting with one of the executives and she said, ‘How did it go?’ And I said, ‘It’s not for me.’”