Gayle King fulfilled her CBS Mornings from an unusual place–a van.

According to Decider, King co-hosted the show from a van after getting a false positive coronavirus test. At the time of her false positive, she lamented how careful she’d been to not get the coronavirus.

“I’ve been so freaking careful. I just can’t believe it,” she said. Once being told the test gave a false result, she said, “I just got off the phone with my doctor. She said, ‘Gayle, you’re fine. Just put on your mask and carry on.’ But it is very, very jarring, I have to say.”

She also wrote about her experience on Instagram, writing that she shed a "single tear" after thinking she had contracted the coronavirus.

“Off the set & in the van alone after testing POSITIVE for COVID just before air this am…BUT…then tested negative THREE times after the (unexplained) positive…I was confused I triple vaccinated & boostered everyone on my team tested negative..I have NO dr says I’m okay it’s a false positive, I do NOT have COVID & can move in the world..Whew! Still planning to weark mask in public for now…so relieved my vacation starts TOMORROW and I was dreading being isolated in my apartment!”


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