"Get ready world, here comes Trinidad and Tobago genre cinema!!!"

That's what the film's Facebook page boasts, and in watching the director talk about it, he also adds that it's the first film of this genre to come out of the Southern Caribbean state. 

Titled Little Boy Blue, the Psychological Thriller, written and directed by Nicholas Attin, centers on a depressed art teacher who becomes the victim of paranormal disturbances after confiscating a strange pendant from an orphaned student.

It's longer synopsis which gives away more than you might want to know before seeing the film, reads:

Little Boy Blue follows the character of BILL (Kirk Budhooram) a troubled art teacher with atragic past as he struggles to find happiness.After confiscating a mysterious pendant from theorphaned student GEORGIE-BOY AlexOliveire), visions of a spectre in white plague Bill’sfitful sleep eventually making the terrifying transitionfrom the world of dreams into reality.Plagued by these unnerving nightmares and slowly losinghis tenuous grip on the world around him, the alreadyfractured Bill slowly begins to unravel.It is only through the mysterious death of Georgie-boy,that Bill is forced to recognize the importance of thependant and the urgency of returning it to its rightfulresting place.Dream visions accompanied by the ever present spectrepoint Bill towards the ominous river and an unwittingpartnership with the surly and uncooperative boatman DOUGLAS “GRAPES” DEFREITAS (Kenwyn Francis).Initially a hindrance, once faced by the paranormalthreat posed by the apparition in white, Grapes is forced to choose between helping the hapless Bill to return thependant and suffering the grim fate of Georgie-boy.What awaits them in the dark foreboding swamplands is an unknown fear that will not rest until they return what is hers…

The film stars Kirk Budhooram, Tiva Lee Samaru, Kenwyn Francis, Kevin Maturine, Roger Alexis, Avis Holder, Nicole Attin, Ishmael Ho, Alyssa Oliveire and Alex Oliveire.

Little Boy Blue has been on the international film festival circuit and all year, with sales and distribution being handled by CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution.

It's director Attin's feature film debut, and he says, also on the film's Facebook page, that he made it on a budget of approximately US$1000, with a 2-man crew, all shot on location in Trinidad and Tobago, with an entirely Trinbagonian cast.

The definition of hustling.

The question is how well the results hold up. 

I'll let you all watch and judge for yourselves.

First, here's a 6-minute clip of the director talking about the project, which includes clips from the film; and under that, watch the film's full trailer: