UPDATE: Thanks to Choice Skinner for sending this to me. Apparently, according to an email he received from the company after he emailed them with an inquiry, he received this response:

Unfortunately we are currently only targeting the German market, thus only pursuing German speaking projects.

All well and good, but that salient bit of info somehow got ommitted from the press materials that were sent out, and that have been circulating. So this is for you folks in Germany; I know we've got readers in that part of the world.

The original post follows below…

Constantin Film (the German film production giant behind films like Downfall and the Resident Evil franchise) has launched a new production label aimed at making commercially viable low-budget films in the 1 million Euro (about $1.3 million) range.

Constantin Film cites Hollywood studios with "indie" subsidiaries as influence, naming "low-budget" films like Little Miss Sunshine, Paranormal Activity and The Raid as models it would like to follow, with its new low-budget label called Alpenrot.

And with that news, the company has put out a call for project submissions from indie film producers who'd like to partner with Constantin Films/Alpenrot, with the goal of producing one or two films a year within the above budget range or less. The newly formed label is now accepting scripts and budget outlines from independent producers where all rights on the properties are available. Accepted projects will be supported by Alpenrot via financing, production, as well as handle sales and distribution for the projects.

"The aim is to support new talents, gain more creative potential and give films a chance that normally would never have had one," the company said. 

The new label will be run by Friederich Oetker and Constanze Guttmann

For information on how to submit projects for consideration, go to