Glynn Turman has had many important and memorable roles in his long career as an actor, from A Different World to The Wire.

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Now he has shifted gears in an interesting way, being tapped by Beyonce to model for her clothing line Ivy Park last summer at the age of 73.

1. Glynn Turman on joining Ivy Park

Turman told Page Six about how he became involved with the campaign.

“Yeah, it was a big deal. It was something that I did not expect to happen,” Turman explained.

“I didn’t realize it was going to turn me into the face of that collection,” he continued. “But it’s a wonderful thing that it came up at dinner with Beyoncé and her family.”

Turman revealed that it was his background with horses that ultimately got him the gig that was all about highlighting black cowboys and cowgirls, saying:

“We know each other and she knows my rodeo history.”

2. He also got his granddaughter a spot in the campaign

Turman also was able to get his granddaughter on board as well, saying:

“[Beyoncé] basically needed a young lady to model some of the clothing. So I said, ‘Well, my granddaughter could model that’ — because she needed somebody to ride a horse, and she knew I had a ranch of horses, so I knew about riding as well.”

Turman was also very excited that he was going to be able to keep the clothes he modeled in wearing the outfits to this day. The actor was also flattered by all the new fans he received because of the campaign, revealing:

“I was really flattered. My wife started teasing me about having to beat these women off of me,’ he joked. It’s a wonderful feeling — it still is.”

Turman is starring in Women of the Movement, a six-episode ABC limited series that premiered on Jan. 6. He stars opposite Adrienne Warren, Ray Fisher and Tonya Pinkins.