The next generation of Detroit’s Gospel scene is ready to spread their wings and create their own paths in WEtv‘s brand new unscripted series, Grown & Gospel.

The show will follow “career-driven childhood friends searching for success in the Detroit gospel scene and beyond.”

Grown & Gospel will premiere on Thursday, March 16 at 9 p,m. ET, with new episodes airing on AMC’s streaming service ALLBLK every Monday.

The series is executive produced by Carlos King, Scott Shatskyand, and Angela Dugan of Kingdom Reign Entertainment as well as Kat Uyenco, Nisa Ahmadalso, Lauren Gellert, David Stefanou, and Ashley McFarlin.

Here's an official description:

Navigating the murky waters of the music industry and hustling to step out of the shadows of their prominent parents…this close-knit crew grapples with their strict upbringing and high standards as they push towards being the new generation of Gospel. Hearts are broken, dark secrets revealed, as they work to make names for themselves in the music scene and balance their personal lives with career ambition.

Here's the cast:

Breeann “Bree” Hammond “returns home to the hub of Gospel of Music to give her career one more shot. The daughter of Gospel great Fred Hammond has a now-or-never attitude and strives to integrate herself not only in the music scene, but with this tight-knit group of childhood friends…also offspring of the Gospel elite. Will they welcome her back with open arms?”

Son of Bishop Michael Brooks, founding member of gospel group “Commissioned” along with Fred Hammond…J. Brooks “had his first placement at only 14 and has been a traveling musician and producer ever since. With a strong belief that music creates the genre and not vice versa, he was Bree’s first call upon her return to Detroit. Will he be able to rally the crew to support Bree?”

Tasha Page-Lockhart “is the daughter of Lisa Page Brooks, one of the original members of the contemporary gospel group “Witness.” A mother of two and recent winner of BET’s Sunday Best striving to push her career forward…Tasha is working on a compilation album with stepbrother J. Brooks and struggling to hold on to her marriage. But will her sordid past sabotage it all?

Elijah Connor “is an R&B singer on a strictly secular path in the music business and lives by the motto, ‘Ask for forgiveness, not permission.’ Regardless of having grown up in the church as a PK (Preacher’s Kid), his interests led him in a different direction. Though he is tirelessly working towards success…the pressure to prove himself to his parents is immense as they are still disappointed that he never graduated college and strayed from the church.”

Nikkia Cole-Beach “was rebellious in her youth and all eyes were on her as the daughter of the legendary Dorinda Clark Cole of The Clark Sisters.  Having overcome many demons on the journey to adulthood, Nikkia is now balancing her fulltime job as tour manager for The Clark Sisters, motherhood and being the rock for her family, while her husband is in prison. Although she has come a long way, she is in a constant battle to escape the judgment of her past.”

Shana Wilson-Williams, “singer and mother of two, is the daughter of worship leader parents who have served the church community for over 30 years. Although a worship leader and choir director in her own right, she feels like an outsider in the gospel music industry and will have to work even harder without any “coattails to ride” like the rest of her peers.”

Check out the sneak peek below: