It’s official: most of grown-ish‘s cast has exited the show and will not be in season 5, as the series seems to be headed toward a soft reboot of sorts.

Friday night’s Season 4 finale, saw Zoey and her friends graduating from Cal-U. Previously, it was revealed that black-ish Marcus Scribner would be joining the cast as a star in season 5.

Now, TV Line revealed that six original cast members are saying goodbye to the series as they will not be returning for Season 5.

Only 3 'grown-ish' stars will return for Season 5.

Francia Raisa (Ana), Emily Arlook (Nomi), Chloe Bailey (Jazz), Luka Sabbat (Luca), Halle Bailey (Sky), Jordan Buhat (Vivek)– all of whom have been part of Grown-ish since the very beginning — will not be making their return to the show for season 5.

“Francia, Emily, Chloe, Halle, Luka and Jordan will always be a part of the -ish’ family. This new season isn’t a goodbye, we are just expanding the world; there will always be an open door for them to return,” showrunners Zakiyyah Alexander and Courtney Lilly  said in a statement.

The new season will feature Zoey (Shahidi), Aaron (Jackson), and Doug (Simmons) as they navigate post-grad life and will also feature Zoey’s younger brother, Junior Johnson (Marcus Scribner), as he heads off to Cal-U. Additional casting for will be announced at a later date, which will presumably include new Cal-U students.

“For Season 5, we’re excited to dive deeper into the storylines of Zoey, Aaron and Doug in their post-grad adventures and welcome a new dynamic class to Cal-U, including Junior,” Alexander and Lilly added.

What is in store for 'grown-ish' Season 5?

grown-ish‘s Season 4 finale ended with Zoey moving to New York City, where she begins her career in the fashion industry working for Anti-Muse. Much to fans’ delight, Aaron follows her to the Big Apple, with him showing up outside of her apartment right before the episode ends.

Now, there’s no telling if Zoey and Aaron will stay in NYC or make their way back to sunny Los Angeles in Season 5.

The new season is in production now and set to premiere this summer.