The new trailer for season 5 of grown-ish gives fans a look at what they can expect for a season with new characters and challenges.

With Zoey‘s (Yara Shahidi) brother Junior (Marcus Scribner) enrolling in college, it’s now time for a fresh new chapter of young adulthood. According to the logline, “On the heels of big sister Zoey’s graduation, Andre Johnson Jr., AKA Junior, enrolls at Cal U and embarks on his own journey to being ‘grown.”

The series' original stars, including Shahidi, Trevor Jackson and Diggy Simmons will appear in the new season with Daniela Perkins now as a regular. Joining the cast include Tara Raani, Justine Skye, Amelie Zilber, Ceyair Wright, Matthew Sato and Slick Woods.

Raani’s character Zaara is described as “a first-generation Muslim-American. She is a sophomore, type A overachiever with a lot of swagger. Zaara is queer and open with her sexuality.” Annika, played by Skye, “a funny, sharp, and extremely ambitious freshman who “chose Cal U because it was good for her brand.”

Lauryn, played by Zilber, is “a freshman who is a little shy and awkward, and sometimes a bit naive, so she overcompensates in an attempt to mask her insecurities.” She’s also a devout, but open-minded Christian. Wright’s character Zeke is “a contemporary all-American football player who is super confident and comfortable in his own skin, but still extremely endearing.”

Brandon, played by Sato, is “a sophomore at Cal U, who is charming as hell, smart, and an overachiever who’s comfortable in any situation. His eyes are set on a political future with the goal of creating change.” And Woods plays Slick, “a freshman who tells it like it is and sees herself as “a style icon with no filter.”

Season 5 of 'grown-ish' comes to Freeform on July 20. Watch the trailer below: