Well… so here we are; after weeks (months even) of what has felt like a marketing blitz for the film, seeming to mark it as THE black film of the year (because we can only have 1 of those annually, right?), Jumping The Broom is finally opening in theaters!

It opens on a decent 2,035 screens nationwide. It’s just not often that a film written, directed and starring people of African descent, opens that wide, specifically on over 2,000 screens (Tyler Perry being the most obvious exception).

And, I don’t know about the rest of you, but it’s not at all obvious to me how well the film will do this weekend. The marketing for it has definitely been there, as I said in my first sentence, so, if it doesn’t do well (whatever “well” is considered to be by the film’s distributors), I don’t think anyone would be able to blame marketing efforts.

With that said, I figured I’d hold one of my Guess The Weekend Box Office contests. I haven’t done one in the 2 weeks we’ve been on indieWIRE, so consider this the first of hopefully many more to come.

So, the rules are simple. Post a comment on this page, below, with your guess as to how much money you think Jumping The Broom will make in total, at the box office this, its opening weekend, and whomever comes closest to the actual number, WITHOUT GOING OVER (that’s key… tougher I know… deal with it), wins a $50 Amazon.com gift certificate!

You have until 11:59PM EST tonight, May 6th, 2011 to submit your guesses. After that, well, sorry… them’s da rules.

Only 1 guess per user, so no cheating.

Also, I strongly suggest that you browse over comments before yours (if you aren’t the first to comment), to make sure that your number hasn’t already been guessed by someone else. There will only be 1 winner!

On Monday morning, the winner will be announced!

So, without further ado, have at it… 🙂