nullSince today seems to be the day for celebrity driven Kickstarter campaigns, here's another one that may be of interest.

It's for Harry Lennix's intruging H4 film project which he's currently rushing to complete in time for its premiere at the International Shakespeare Conference in Stratford-Upon-Avon U.K., on August 9th

Starring Lennix in the lead role, with Keith David and Angus MacFadyen among others, the film is a comtemporary take on Shakespeare's Henry IV Parts 1 and 2, set in Los Angeles ,

The film, which was exec produced by Lennix and Giovanni Zelko, and directed by Paul Quinn and Dwain Perry, with a screenplay adaptation by Ayanna Thomspon, is, according to Lennix, "the first "Black" Shakespeare movie to date, by which we mean that this is the first time on film where Shakespeare has been set in a world representative of the Black Experience."

The roots for the film go back a long way, says Lennix. Even back to when he was "a student some years ago, and even as a Chicago Public School teacher, I always felt in my heart that our experience with Shakespeare didn't have to be one of reading old language and suffering through rote interpretations. Nor did it have to always be overly formal actors looking and sounding stuffy. Why could we not let the language and the story, and the characters live!?" 

If you want to help out and find out more about H4, go HERE.