Brazilian Wavy title screen
Directed by Kirk Henriques

“Brazilian Wavy” is a comedy about Remy (Barry Floyd), a bright young scientist working to develop a natural Black hair product.  Remy is totally into unlocking his ‘secret formula’ until he sees his ex-girlfriend Jin (Celeste Seda) with another man, and promptly seeks revenge.  With the help of his brother Mavo (comedian Lamont King) and roommate Zakia (Jasmine Burke, Fox TV’s “Star”; “Saints & Sinners”), it quickly escalates from a prank into a heist worth thousands of dollars of hair extensions from Jin’s Korean-family owned beauty supply store.

Produced and directed by Kirk Henriques, this is clearly a comedy, with both pointed and broad humor, there are also clear cultural and socio-economic references to the issue of the Black community spending countless dollars in Korean-owned hair and beauty shops.  The Korean-American community’s lack of direct support to the inner city is a driving impetus to “Brazilian Wavy” but it doesn’t weigh down the comedic elements necessary to make the short work.

Barry Floyd as Remy in “Brazilian Wavy”

Barry Floyd, known by most audiences as ‘Tee Tee’ from the sitcom “The Game,” is a surprising choice for leading man, but it works.  Surprising mostly because Remy is a fairly serious guy put into unusual situations, and you don’t expect ‘Tee Tee’ to be too serious, but Floyd makes it work. With a few more projects like “Brazilian Wavy” he can assuredly find his strongest acting style.

Jasmine Burke, the most seasoned actor in the film, gets to do some physical comedy in this, which helps her stand out among the cast.  Danielle Deadwyler meanwhile chews her share of scenery, but seems to have fun extending herself to do so, a departure from her calmer performance in Dehanza Rogers’ wonderful 2015 short “The Youth.”

Jasmine Burke in "Brazilian Wavy"
Jasmine Burke in “Brazilian Wavy”

You can see “Brazilian Wavy” at the Hollywood Black Film Festival on Thursday, February 23rd at 5:30pm, and I’m sure fairly soon at other film festivals near you.

Check out the trailer below.