Actors Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance’s production company Bassett Vance Productions has extended its overall deal with Paramount Media Networks & MTV Entertainment Studios and a new film has been announced.

The studio announced that the partnership “is a result of Paramount’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiative, a global effort to provide opportunities and help advance content creation for a new generation of BIPOC and women leaders in front of and behind the camera.”

“Angela and Courtney have masterfully brought to the forefront events from our history in order to tell exhilarating and dramatic stories that resonate with global audiences,” said Nina L. Diaz, President of Content and Chief Creative Officer, Paramount Media Networks & MTV Entertainment Studios. “It’s a privilege to continue our fruitful creative relationship and shared commitment to amplify diverse creators and new voices.”

Bassett Vance Productions's next product, 'Heist 88', is currently in production.

Though its partnership extension with Paramount Media Networks & MTV Entertainment Studios was just announced, Bassett Vance Productions’ first feature film from the overall deal is already in the works.

The company’s feature film Heist 88 is currently in production.

Currently shooting in Chicago, Heist 88 reunites two-time Emmy Award-winning actor Vance with Keesha Sharp, who portrayed Dale Cochran in the award-winning limited series The People vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story. The film also features Bentley Green, who recently starred alongside Vance in AMC’s 61st Street.


'Heist 88' is inspired by true events.

Heist 88 is the unbelievable story of one of the largest bank heists ever to occur in the United States.

Jeremy Horne (Vance), a criminal mastermind with an innate ability to convince anyone to do just about anything, decides to pull one last job before going to prison. He recruits four young bank employees to steal close to $80 million dollars in a daring and brazen assault on the US banking system. Heist 88 takes place in a time before widespread computerization and the vast cybersecurity of today.

In addition to Vance and Keesha Sharpe, the film star Keith David, Xavier Clyde, Nican Robinson and Precious Way.


“I have always been drawn to characters that are multi-layered, regardless of whether they’re a savior or a villain. This character is inspired by a man who was able to convince a small group of young people who were at the lowest rungs of their bank to join him in committing one of the biggest crimes against the US banking system in this country’s history,” says Vance.

“At its core, it’s an unapologetically compelling story, which will be told through the lens of a powerful cast, that when the American Dream is not accessible to everyone, decisions are often made based on those inequities. I anticipate that Heist 88 will be a must-watch, particularly in light of the fascination with and popularity of true crime stories on today’s streaming and network TV landscape.”