Last week we announced here on S & A that CBS was not renewing Holly Robinson-Peete’s contract on their daytime gabfest The Talk. (That article, by the way, was literally stolen verbatim word-for-word by other gossip websites. Not that I’m complaining. That goes with the internet territory) However, not having ever watched the show I found it interesting, according to the majority of our commenters, that Peete and co-host Leah Remini, who was also dumped from the show, were the only real reasons to watch the show.

Well let’s see what out commenters will say when it’s been revealed that Peete’s replacement will be none other than comedian (a term which I believe will be doubtful to some) Sheryl Underwood.

I think I’ve seen Underwood before. She’s like one of those really loud, boisterous women with a really loud annoying laugh who’s going to “keep it real” isn’t she? And I’ll bet she starts every sentence with the word “Girl” as in: “Girrrrrrrrrrrrl let me tell you sumthin’. You know that man ain’t no good.” I can just tell.

Currently a contributor to Steve Harvey’s morning radio show, Underwood calls herself ”a sexually progressive God-fearing black Republican”. Someone please explain to me what that means.

Remini’s replacement is being reported to be Kris Jenner who is the Kardashian sisters’ mother and manager, but on a temporary basis supposedly.

Really? That’s the best person they could come up with? No doubt she’s very good friends with the producers of the show.