Black social media users are calling hypocrisy over their outrage surrounding P-Valley star J. Alphonse Nicholson’s gay character, Lil Murda, versus that of Evan Peters in Dahmer.

Social media creators have been using their platforms to call out the homophobia that seems attached to comments Black viewers of P-Valley have made regarding Nicholson playing a gay character.

Meanwhile, those same people who have issues with Nicholson playing a gay character seemingly have issues with Peters playing gay serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in 'Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.'

Hair entrepreneur Brittney Latrece wrote on Facebook, “I peep how y’all are saying the guy that’s playing Jeffery Dhamer is a great Actor and played the hell out of his role as a gay serial killer, but made the statement that the guy playing lil Murda in P valley gotta be gay for real because he played his role too good, I’m gone mind my business though [sic].”

Meanwhile on TikTok, numerous creators have created videos showcasing their aggravation at the hypocrisy.

TikToker @jwantyricetaylor said in his video, “So we just not going to talk about how y’all tried to drag that man who played Lil Murda in P-Valley, but this Jeffrey Dahmer docuseries on Netflix…got everybody in a chokehold. I don’t like that.”

"…Y'all pick and choose what y'all want to make a big deal about," he continued.

“This docuseries got so much more in it from killing to violence to all type of stuff and y’all literally drag P-Valley. But this got y’all in a chokehold…Is it because dude in P-Valley was [Black] and the one in [Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is white]? Is that why he…gets a pass?…I’m literally irritated, [why do] I see everybody on social media really just pushing this show and talking about this show but when it was P-Valley y’all had so much to say?”

Another video by @theconsciouslee highlighted a Twitter post which read:

“straight black folks who couldn’t get through ‘moonlight’ because they saw two queer black men kissing are finishing an entire netflix series where a white serial killer is going around murdering many queer black people. how interesting [sic].”

"[I]t's a whole bunch of people who had the most to say about the queerness in P-Valley, but you binge-watched all of Dahmer. Speaks volumes," he said.

Another TikToker, @jessicamichellee, commented on the homophobia surrounding discussions about Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and P-Valley, saying that Peters has been praised for being extremely convincing in his role, while Nicholson has been shamed for his commitment to his character.

“If [Nicholson is] gay in real life why y’all not saying [Peters is] gay in real life?” she said.

@jesssicamichellee WHY THEY BOTH COULDNT HAVE JUST BOTH DONE A GREAT JOB .. ?? #jeffreydahmer #pvalley #lilmurda #jesssicamichellee #100k ♬ original sound – J Michelle

TikToker @yungmy_ also spoke about this point, saying:

“The same people that are praising Evan Peters for his performance as Jeffrey Dahmer for being ‘too good’ are the same people who were making homophobic statements about J. Alphonse Nicholson’s sexuality for his performance as Lil Murda in P-Valley because he played the role ‘too good’ for him to be straight in real life. I noticed that s–t. I see it now.”

Another video by @camernosteeleradio also made the point that if, by some people's logic, Nicholson is gay because he plays the role of Lil Murda too well, what does that say about the other Black men on television shows who have played criminals?

“Let me get this straight, if he’s playing the role ‘way too good’ to not actually be gay,’ then that would mean that all the other shows that we watch, like Power, Snowfall, all those drug dealer shows…does that mean [those actors] are drug-dealing murderers?”

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Many more creators have also used their TikTok accounts to talk about the hypocrisy in a playlist about the controversy.

Nicholson himself has talked about the homophobia that comes up surrounding his character with Black viewers.

He told Blavity in the Blavity Originals/Shadow and Act series Rewind the Scene that he sees his role as a way to express the lives of many people who are struggling with their sexuality like Lil’ Murda.

“We know so many Lil Murdas,” he said, adding that he personally knows people from his own family who are or were closeted. “…I told this story for them, for my brothers and sisters and everyone in between who struggle with being themselves.”

He has also said on Twitter after Lil Duval made homophobic comments about his character that his goal is to create conversations.

“The love is real the hate is real. As an actor the ultimate goal is to be as believable as possible,” he said. “Relax, precise, fierce. Although @PValleySTARZ is a fictional story I’m grateful for the real conversations that are being had. Job well done.”