House Party is back!

While nothing can replace the cult classic that stole the hearts of many when it was released in 1990, this new iteration provides the perfect balance of admiration with a fresh, new feel.

One key message in both films is rooted in the brotherhood which is on full display between Kevin (Jacob Latimore) and Damon (Tosin Cole).

“I feel like they’re together through thick and thin, it’s like the unconventional friendship works very well,” Cole told Shadow and Act in a recent cast interview.

He continued, “I feel like Kevin helps [Damon] see sense in his life and tries to make him do the straight and narrow in his life, while Damon helps him take risks and try to do things that may be out of his comfort zone, but may be beneficial.”

In fact, Latimore, who is a product of the ’90s, recalls his introduction to the film, noting what stood out to him the most.

“I think the cover,” he added. “I don’t recall when I [first] saw it, but I just always remember seeing the high tops and just seeing that, man, you knew it was something. You knew it was important as a child.”


The film, spearheaded by LeBron James’ production company, isn’t the first time they’ve taken a stab at the remake model within the industry, but The SpringHIll Company’s Head of Film said that it would not have been greenlit without the blessing of those who paved the way.

“We weren’t going to make the movie without having Kid ‘N Play’s involvement and paying homage to them in the right space,” said Spencer Beighley.

“It’s extremely important to the movie that they center of them were involved in it and we were also lucky enough to have Reginald Hudlin, the original director, as an executive producer on the movie,” he added. “Again, it all comes back to that spirit of really paying homage to the original and making sure that we did it in a respectful way.”

With that said, the film would be nothing without the characters who helped to take comedic relief to a whole new level and definitely showcased the fun they had on set in doing so.

“The most memorable shoot was when they actually did the iconic dance, said DC Young Fly.

He breathes life into Vic, an eclectic deejay with very interesting ways.

“The dance with the kicking, with Kid ‘N Play, because I really had a line that I had forgot because I was so busy watching them do it, you know what I mean?” he added.

The film is a dream come true for Rotimi whose character is a part of the trio that pays homage to the original characters portrayed by rap crew, Full Force.

“For me, it was just something I had never seen before, that the world had never seen before — a hip hop movie,” said Rotimi.

“A hit comedic movie. I was just like, ‘Man, one day I wish I could do something like that.’ And look at God, man. we did what we had to do and we’re striving for more,” he continued.

House Party premieres in theaters Friday, Jan. 13 via Warner Bros.