MIB IIISpeaking with The Hollywood Reporter, "Men in Black" producers were asked about upcoming projects, including any plans for more "Men in Black" movies.

“We’re in the middle of [talks]… It’s very active,” Walter Parkes said.

He didn’t go into much detail obviously, but Parkes did say that former stars of the franchise (Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones) would “most likely” not be involved.

Co-producer Laura MacDonald chimed in, saying any new "Men in Black" movies would be “reinvented as a trilogy.” 

What that means exactly, I can’t say. I’m not in their heads. But I assume the basic concept will remain the same, and a new set of actors will take over. Beyond that is anyone’s guess.

So now we wait… although, quite frankly, is this something that audiences really want?

The last "Men in Black" movie (the 3rd of what I suppose we could now call the first trilogy) was released in 2012 (Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones returned, with Josh Brolin playing a younger Jones for much of the film). It grossed $624 million globally, which I guess answers my above question. However, it wasn’t quite the success that the first two films were. Actually, the first film was, by far, the biggest hit in terms of box office, earning 40% more than the second, and 60% more than the 3rd. Clearly audience interest fell with each successive movie.

But I suppose this shouldn’t be a surprise, especially after leaked Sony emails earlier this year revealed that there the studio had some interest in continuing with the franchise.

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