Jenifer Lewis is a home shopping network CEO in Showtime‘s upcoming series I Love That for You, which now has a trailer!

The series set to premiere on streaming and on-demand April 29 before premiering on Showtime’s television network May 1 at 830/7:30 c. The series stars Lewis, Vanessa Bayer and Molly Shannon. The trailer for the series is below.

The series will span eight episodes with new episodes dropping Friday on streaming and on-demand before appearing on air each Sunday. The series is inspired by Bayer’s personal story of overcoming childhood leukemia and follows a woman who wants to host a home shopping channel.

According to the official description:

I LOVE THAT FOR YOU centers on Joanna Gold (Bayer) who dreams of becoming a host at a home shopping channel. Working to shed her life-long label as “that cancer girl,” she moves away from her parents, starts a budding romance for the first time in her adult life and forms a meaningful friendship with her idol Jackie (Shannon), the charismatic star of the network, all against the backdrop of a highly competitive workplace where people play dirty to succeed. Lewis plays Patricia, the icy, enigmatic founder and CEO of the popular home shopping channel.

Additional cast members include:

Paul James who plays “a charming but dry stage manager” named Jordan, Ayden Mayeri as Beth Ann, “an ambitious insecure host,” Matt Rogers as Patricia’s “ingratiating right-hand man” Darcy, Punam Patel as Beena, an off-kilter backstage producer, and Johno Wilson as Perry, “a beloved host on the network with a popular cooking show” (think QVC’s David Venable, possibly).

Bayer co-created and executive produced the series with Jeremy Beiler. Other executive producers include Jessi Klein, Michael Showalter, Annapurna’s Megan Ellison and Sue Naegle, Semi-Formal’s Jordana Mollick and Allyce Ozarki. Klein will also serve as showrunner.

Watch the trailer below: